The mission of the Visual Arts Foundation is to advance the arts as both individual vocation and social force. The Foundation supports emerging artists and broadens audiences for their work, fosters a climate that values and seeks understanding of the arts, and increases visual literacy and appreciation for "the artist’s life."

The Foundation provides scholarships and awards for students who attend the School of Visual Arts. There are several ways to help participate in these projects and the mission of the Foundation. Faculty and staff of the College as well as many, many friends of the Foundation provide financial support through scholarship funds. All monies received are used solely and entirely for the intended purpose; no amount is diverted for administrative expenses. Scholarship funds can but need not be designated for students in a particular area of study such as fine arts, photography, illustration, or graphic design.

A number of scholarship funds have been established in memory of former teachers or students, with contributions from colleagues, family and friends. These include the Pamela Roberts Memorial Scholarship Fund for fine arts students; the John Lidstone Scholarship in film; the Jerry Ashkinos, Adam Budin, Frank Camardella, and Adam & Karen Duthie Zakin awards for advertising and graphic design students; the Archie Goodwin, Harvey Kurtzman, Joseph Orlando, and Lou Stathis scholarships, illustration and cartooning; the Estelle Bellomo and Ray Levine awards for students in art therapy; the Venus and Doe awards in photography; the Designer’s Saturday Award in interior design; and the Golden Lollipop Award. Awards open to students in all departments are the Charles & Marie Egnasko, Robert Eric Farmer, Ralph Coe, and Faculty and Staff scholarships.

The Foundation has received support from such professional associations as the Advertising Club of New York, the New York Art Directors Club, the One Club, Aquent and the Society of Illustrators. JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank, Philip Morris Companies, Eastman Kodak, Disney, Merrill Lynch, Travelers, Sony and Con Edison are among the many business organizations that have provided scholarships and funding for special projects. The Coyne family, publishers of Communication Arts, provides support for MFA Illustration students.

As part of the annual Master Series Award presented by the School of Visual Arts, the Foundation has hosted dinners celebrating the work of the spotlighted artist or designer and to raise scholarship funds. The recipient of the 2008 Master Series Award was April Greiman.

Please note that under most circumstances, the Foundation does not provide scholarships or grants for freshman students. The Foundation works only with continuing students. Entering students should speak with admissions representatives about other financial assistance that might be available to them.

For information about Foundation scholarship, students should seek information from the relevant department chair, since selections for these scholarships and awards are handled by each department and not by the Foundation itself.

For further information on how to establish or contribute to a scholarship fund, or for answers to any questions about other projects, grants or programs, please contact the Visual Arts Foundation at 212.592.2227 or via e-mail to [email protected].